Homebuilding Flowchart

This is a basic flowchart of the steps involved in building a home. It
is based primarily on the inspection schedule as issued for my house
by the Building and Planning Department of our county. There are many
items on the permit that did not apply to our house and those items are
not shown on this flowchart. This is intended to give you an idea
of the complexity of building a home and is not intended to be accurate
for every building project in every location, or any for that matter.

I have not expanded on every aspect shown. The first element,
“The Plan” is potentially the most involved step, but is represented by
only two words. I hope to address this step in the “Design” section of this
web site. Many people will not actually get beyond this step, but in order
to go further, it is necessary to do at least have a semblance of “The Plan”.
Rest assured that the building officials will need to see it.

I know that the graphic is a little out of kilter with the formatting of this
blogging software. To see it better you should right-click on the picture
and download it to your own graphic viewing software.

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